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      1. Overdrive precision: The most spectacular BMW drifts of all time

        2 min reading time

        Drifting involves pushing the limits of traction and control – without losing either. Especially under extreme conditions. Our “Best Of” shows spectacular BMW drifts right up to the edge – sometimes seemingly too awesome to be true.


        Choreography in a rotary traffic

        When five world-class stunt drivers with BMW 2 Series M Coupes meet up to drift, you'd better hold on to your hats!


        Drifting on the edge

        A breathtaking BMW 1 Series M Coupe drift – on a dizzyingly high helipad.


        Threading the eye of the needle

        A BMW 1 Series M Coupe has only one opponent on this racetrack: a wall. Magnificently controlled high-speed drifts.


        Full speed over the waves

        This BMW M4 Coupe is drifting so close to the water surface that just watching it produces an adrenalin kick.

        Drifting – it's fun to do donuts. This film shows you how to master them in an instant.


        BMW Driving Experience.

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